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Monitor and control anything from anywhere

About O2

O2 is cutting edge since it is an adaptable automation server. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are powered by O2 server. processor speed: 1.4GHz; quad-core architecture; 64-bit architecture The linchpin of any mechanized system. Fire alarm monitoring | Networked MP3 player | Smart home automation | Factory automation

  • Server with limitless potential
  • A powerful home automation system
  • Apple home kit, Amazon alexa connectivity 
Oxygen O2 IoT

Artificail Intelligence

O2 will reason and decide what to do next based on our instructions and external factors. We can trust that the O2 brain will carefully consider all of the parameters we set up for it and respond appropriately.

Home Automation

The easiest-to-use PLC controller and Smart Home system in the world. Practical use is easy and uncomplicated. For ease of use, we made our system intuitive.

Industrial automation

All information is kept safely on-site, with zero reliance on remote servers or the cloud.


O2 Home Automation system Dubai
Home Automation 

O2 is able to be controlled by logic, voice commands, and pre-programmed activities. No restraints, no reliance, and all you need right there on your premises. O2, Apple, and Schneider are some well-known brands.

O2 IoT Server Industrial
Industrial Automations

Oxygen O2 can accurately scan and reliably monitor exit doors 2,000 times per second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Real-time updates; incorporating real-time photos into real-time chat. The notification protocol is a lightweight form of communication that allows for rapid feedback.

O2 Industrial automation Mobile
Mobile application

System can connect and control from your mobile phone. monitor and control anything from anywhere

Oxygen O2 IoT server
O2  + Free Training

O2 system with 8 external triggers and 8 input triggers, relay capable of switching up to 2300 Watts per zone. This device can be programmed in a variety of ways, for example: centralized audio server/player, home automation central server, exit door monitoring 8 doors directly and 2048 doors indirectly. 2,000,000 records, IP camera that may be linked to take event-based triggers, telegram integration, etc.

AED 3950 

Our team

Anwar Hussain
Technical Director

AI design and deployment expert & O2 founder with 25 years of experience in electronics

Sales Director

Since 2005, I've worked as a senior business development manager and company director.

Rejin Mathew
Operations Director

Since 2017, I've been an accomplished business development and operations manager.

Oxygen O2 IoT

O2 - monitor and control anything from anywhere

O2 Industrial monitoring

O2 ioT

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